Puntland Health Minister Confirms “Theft of Nutritious Biscuits” for malnourished children

Jama said the CID was investigating the suspects.

Garowe (PP News Desk) — The Minister of Health Ministry in Puntland State Mr Jama Farah Hassan confirmed reports that nutritious biscuits for the acutely malnourished children had gone missing in stores that serve as distribution points.

“We have learned that 300 cartons of Plumpy’Nut biscuits have been stolen. Security guards at the ministry stores have allegedly stolen biscuits. The stores are fitted with CCTV” the Minister told Daljir Radio.

The Criminal Investigation Department is investigating the case, he added. On Saturday Puntland Post reported that more than 290 cartons of biscuits had disappeared from Health Ministry stores, sparking concerns about the reliability of security staff at government stores.

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