Garowe (PP News Desk) — Puntland Influential traditional leaders have joined KAAH, the political association of the incumbent Puntland State government. Abdissis Yusuf Harin and Abdullahi Mohamud Jibril, two recognised traditional leaders, have visited the KAAH office in Garowe to throw their weight behind the new political association.

KAAH violated Puntland Constitution for enlisting traditional leaders as members

Critics of traditional leaders’ involvement in politics have drawn attention to Puntland Constitution. Article 110 of Puntland State Constitution bars traditional leaders from associating themselves with political associations. “To safeguard reputation and neutrality of traditional leaders it is impermissible for them to have role in political associations or parties” stipulates Puntland State Constitution.

In its Facebook page KAAH publicised names of elders who have joined it as members

Last week KAAH was accused of violating an article in Puntland Constitution about the neutral role of civil servants. Other Puntland political associations seem indifferent to successive violations of Puntland Constitution by the political association of which Puntland State President Said A. Deni is member.

Puntland State will conduct pilot local government elections for which registered political associations will contest.

Traditional leaders Abdullahi Mohamud Jibriil (left) and Abdissis Yusuf Harin (right) joined KAAH

“The role of Transitional Puntland Electoral Commission is  ineffectual given repeated violations of the Constitution by a political association. TPEC should have held periodic meetings with political associations about how their are complying with Puntland State Constitution” Saa’id Mohamud, a Bosaso-based political commentator, told Puntland Post.

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