Garowe (PP News Desk) — Kaah, a political association formed by President of Puntland State Said Abdullahi Deni, today opened a branch office in Bandarbeyla district in Karkaar. Locals initially objected to the opening of the branch office.

A delegation led by Mohammed Ali Nur, The Director General of the Ministry of Interior, led the Kaah delegation. Elders in Banderbayla intervened and ensured the opening of KAAH branch office in Bandarbeyla.

Puntland Water Development Agency confirms the visit of the Interior Ministry Director General to Bandarbeyla

Puntland Post has received a video clip featuring demonstrators marching in Bandarbeyla town centre and chanting “We don’t want”, apparently in reference to Kaah. At the town centre where demonstrators gathered, a local man delivered a short speech against “divisive policies political parties can use” to enlist members. “A father and his son could join two opposing parties. The future belongs to youths” the man said.

Meanwhile, members of KAAH and a staff mem  at Puntland Presidency have issued contradictory statements in social media platforms.

Yaqub Mohamed Abdalle, a member of KAAH, wrote in his Facebook page that “no representatives from KAAH have visited Bandarbeyla.” Abdirashid Osman Shali’o, the deputy director of communications at Puntland Presidency wrote in his Facebook page that KAAH had opened a branch office in Bandarbeyla.

Puntland Constitution bars civil servants from using public offices for political purposes

KAAH has come under fire for “violating Puntland Constitution”. Article 128 of Puntland Constitution states “civil servants are not allowed to use public offices for political purposes”.

Puntland State Government has yet to comment on the conflicting accounts on  political campaigns of KAAH.

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