Deni Secures Executive Control of Puntland Parliament

When the former Puntland Parliamentary Speaker, Abdihakim Mohammed Ahmed,  had given  MPs one-week recess earlier this week, the decision was interpreted as a plot to prevent a motion again the Speaker.

The violence that engulfed parts of Garowe last night when Parliamentary Security Guards clashed with a contingent of soldiers ordered to take over security  of the premises had rendered the recess null and void. This morning Puntland Parliament MPs convened to vote on the motion to replace the Parliamentary Speaker.

Former Puntland Parliamentary Speaker

49 MPs have voted to replace the Speaker; 4 MPs have abstained. Observers reckon Puntland Government was the driving force behind the motion. “MPs who voted for the motion cited violation of the constitution and parliamentary regulations by the former Speaker” reports Puntland Post correspondent. Efforts to reconcile Puntland President, Said A. Deni and the former Speaker have not succeeded.

The unprecedented removal of a Puntland Parliamentary Speaker paves the way for executive control of Puntland Parliament: a massive reversal for Puntland political processes. Puntland Parliament has appointed a committee to organise the election of a new Speaker.

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