Puntland State “Excluded” from Membership in the Constitutional Review Committee

The Upper House-appointed five members of the Constitutional Review Committee.

Mogadishu (PP News Desk) — The Upper House of Somalia today publicised members of the Constructional Review Committee who will represent the Upper House in a committee whose members will come from the bicameral legislature.

Puntland State has no representation in the Upper House-appointed committee. It is not clear if the appointment is based on the 4.5 power-sharing system or an arbitrary mechanism.

Abdi Farad Said (aka Juha), the former Federal Interior Minister, deplored the exclusion of Puntland State from the membership in the one wing of the Constitutional Review Committee.
“South-Central Constitutional making or what? Puntland is eliminated from the constitutional debate in Somalia. [A] very interesting committee, “Abdi Farah Said wrote in his Facebook page.

The Constitutional Review Committee is tasked with reviewing the Draft Somali Constitution , which has been the source of power struggles and conflicting interpretations  of articles with regard to  the management of national resources and relations with foreign companies.

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