UAE expects Somalia parliament to abrogate laws against DP World

Will President Mohamud deepen the status of Somalia as a client state for deep-pocketed, oil rich Gulf countries or make his country less dependent on foreigners’ political largesse?

Mogadishu (PP News Desk) — The main agenda on the talks between Somalia and United Arab Emirates during President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s first visit is the status of DP World in Somalia.

In 2018 the federal parliament of Somalia rejected an agreement between Somaliland Administration and DP World, a UAE parastatal, on Berbera Port. Since then DP World added Bosaaso Port to its portfolio of Somali ports it runs “illegally”.

The UAE government hopes the Somalia federal parliament may repeal laws against DP World agreements to run Berbera and Bosaaso ports.

The former Somalia Foreign Minister Ahmed Isse Awad urged UAE to respect the sovereignty of Somalia. “We are asking DP World to reconsider these agreements, particularly the one in Berbera port since Somaliland is claiming to be a state independent from Somalia,” Awad told Reuters.

Disagreements with Somalia over port deals signed with Federal Member States have affected DP World plans to take over the management of other Somalia ports such as Kismayo Port.

How Reuters reported the news that the federal parliament nullified the DP World seaport management deal with Somaliland Administration.

Observers maintain that President Mohamud would either deepen Somalia’s status as a client state for deep-pocketed oil-rich Gulf countries or choose a different path that could make Somalia less dependent on the political largesse of foreign countries.

UAE funds Puntland State security forces and is reportedly looking into restoring its budgetary support for the federal security forces.

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