Puntland Supreme Court Judges “to be confirmed by parliament”

Garowe (PP News Desk) — The President of Puntland Supreme Court Ahmed Mohamed Yusuf today held a press conference in Garowe to rebut a story on case being adjudicated by Supreme Court judges who have not been confirmed by Puntland State Parliament.

“I would like to rebut a story published in Puntland Post website. Puntland Parliament will have a session on 15 June. The story was published on 2 June. We have urged Puntland Post to retract the story” Yusuf told the local media.

Ahmed M. Yusuf said that Puntland Parliament would confirm the appointment of judges and the President of the Supreme Court.

Puntland Post reported that new judges who have not been confirmed by Puntland Parliament had began to conduct hearings in violation of judicial procedures put in place to prevent conflict of interest and prejudice.

Puntland Supreme Court’s term ended several months ago. Judicial procedures bar judges appointed for the new term from adjudicating cases until the parliament has confirmed their appointment. Puntland State government reappointed previous judges. Yusuf was appointed in March 2022.

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