Puntland Vice President Temporarily Assumes Presidential Powers

Puntland Vice President Ahmed Elmi chairing a cabinet meeting.

Garowe (PP News Desk) — The Vice President of Puntland State of Somalia Ahmed Elmi Osman has declared that, in line with the Constitution, he would temporarily assume powers of Puntland President.

Puntland State President Said Abdullahi Deni arrived in Mogadishu two days ago to begin his campaign to become the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

“The Vice President acts as an acting President when the President is abroad or cannot temporarily discharge his duties. Due to recession, drought and youth unemployment, Puntland State cannot enter constitutional vacuum. Article 81 of Puntland State stipulates if the President cannot temporarily discharge constitutional duties, the Vice President will temporally assume presidential powers. With this in mind, I instruct Puntland State agencies to respect the Constitution and comply with the rules and regulations” reads a statement released by the Office of Puntland Vice President.

Last week, Puntland Finance Minister Hassan Shire Abgaal told the local media that Puntland State President would retain his constitutional powers while campaigning in Mogadishu.

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