Former TPEC Chairman Accuses Puntland President of Electoral Fraud

Guled Salah: “The excessive ambition of Puntland State President undermines the democratization process in Puntland.”

Garowe (PP News Desk) — The former Chairman of Transitional Puntland Electoral Commission Guled Salad levelled accusations at Puntland State Said Abdullahi Deni. Guled took great pains to explain how the incumbent Puntland President interpreted Puntland democratization process as a gimmick to empower him at the expense of other stakeholders.

“The excessive ambition of Puntland President undermines the democratization process. He wants that electoral outcomes fit his political goals. He falls out with anyone who objects to his goals. TPEC operates on the basis of rules and regulations, not at the whim of a person” Guled told Daljir radio.

President Deni has been accused of electoral fraud to select MPs and Senators.

The former TPEC Chairman alleged electoral fraud committed and facilitated by Puntland State government at the behest of President Deni. “Puntland State government authorized payment of three million dollars as a bribe to expedite the selection of 11 senators whereas TPEC was asking the government for payment of expenses for TPEC activities. As you might know further slush fund to the tune of US$ 70,000 per seat was committed to the selection of thirty seven MPs. Puntland President neglected Puntland at a time drought is ravaging the countryside. He concentrates on Somalia presidential elections” Guled added.

Formerly, a close associate of Puntland President’s, Guled oversaw pilot local elections held in Puntland in 2021. He did not specify whether donors had supplied funds withheld by Puntland government from TPEC or whether funds were raised domestically from taxation.

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