Somaliland Administration thanks World Bank for funds released by Federal Government of Somalia

Bade:”Somalia released funds that it unwisely withheld from Somaliland government.”

Hargeisa (PP News Desk) — The Planning Minister of Somaliland administration Omar Abdullahi Bade thanked Somali businessmen for pitching in to help victims of Hargeisa market fire.

Bade said that 11 million dollars released by the Federal Government of Somalia for reconstruction of Waaheen market “is money that was earmarked for what was known as Somalia including Somaliland”. Pressure from the World Bank had compelled the Federal Government to release funds that it unwisely withheld from Somaliland administration, Bade added.

The Prime Minister of Somalia Mohamed Hussein Roble authorized the funds to released to Somaliland administration following the fire that destroyed Waaheen market in Hargeisa last weekend.
Bade echoed a sentiment expressed by Boqor Burmadow, a traditional leader, who faulted Roble for belated release of funds despite the drought in the north.

“The funds released by the Prime Minister will frustrate efforts by the International Community to help with the reconstruction of market and recapitalization of businesses who lost their wealth as a result of the fire” said Burmadow.

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