Somalia: FEIT Must Defer to SEIT

Comment By O.D. Hassan

Mogadishu (Comment) — The communique from the International Partners makes it clear that certification of MPs by State Electoral Implementation Team (SEIT) takes precedence over FEIT decisions. FEIT excluded from the new list of MPs several MPs duly certified by SEIT.

“We commend all Federal Member State Election Implementation Teams (SEITs) for submitting documentation to the Federal Election Implementation Team (FEIT) with a view to the swearing in of newly elected members by competent authorities on 14 April” the communique reads. FEIT has no a pretext to delay elections or override SEIT decisions.

Misguided: FEIT membes headed by Muse Guelleh tried to usurp the mandate of SEIT.

FEIT should not have tried to usurp the mandate of SEIT. It is SEIT members who shouldered the responsibility to oversee selection of MPs at state levels. FEIT allegedly acted on instructions from the Prime Minister, Mohamed Hussein Roble, whom the International Community diplomatically instructs to maintain the consensus that Galmudug State described as a bedrock of the state-building endeavours.

What was the point of triggering a last-minute political rift by ignoring SEIT certification? FEIT owes SEIT an apology.

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