Somalia’s International Partners Urge Wider Consensus for the Electoral Processes

Mogadishu (PP News Desk) — In a joint statement Somalia’s International Partners urge Somali political stakeholders to finalize the selection of MP. “It is vital that arrangements for this final stage of the electoral process enjoy strong endorsement across the political spectrum” reads the statement.

Unresolved issues include Gedo parliamentary seats delayed by the intervention of the Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble in violation of the dual-venue provisions in the 2020 electoral model. Another sticking point is the validated MPs that FEIT Chairman has excluded from the list of selected MPs.

The emphasis on consensus reflects that need to prevent weakening the legitimacy of the new bicameral legislature due to alleged power misuse by Roble, who is tasked with overseeing the indirect elections.

“Without addressing the legitimate concerns of Southwest State, any progress toward finalizing the last stage of elections is bound to be fraught with a destabilizing attempt at power grab” said a political journalist in Mogadishu.

Galmudug issued a statement bringing to attention the consensus-based approach through which key political stakeholders resolved previous rifts.

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