Former Somalia Foreign Minister Denies ‘Divulging State Secrets’

Mohamed Abdirisaq denied that he had disclosed state secrets.

Mogadishu (PP News Desk) — The former Somalia Foreign Minister Mohamed Abdirisaq Mohamud has denied that he had violated secrecy code for former foreign ministers. Mohamed alleged that the Federal Government of Somalia had instructed the Egyptian government to use a civilian aircraft for the delivery of aid. “I was told that the use of a military plane would anger Ethiopia” Mohamed told Brit Somali TV, a YouTube channel.

Mohamed, who was sacked for unspecified reasons, said his marriage to an Egyptian woman had raised questions about his loyalty to his country. The Federal Government of Somalia supported the Ethiopian position on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), which Egypt sees as a threat to its share of Nile water. “What has Ethiopia got to with aid given to Somalia and how it is delivered” added Mohamed.

The former foreign minister claimed he may have been sacked for working hard to improve relations between Somalia and Egypt.

Ethiopia maintains peacekeeping forces in Somalia “not mandated by Amisom”, according to Harun Maruf, VOA Somali Service journalist.

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