Senator Muuse Suudi Accuses Somalia Prime Minister of Incompetence

Senator Muuse Suudi urged Roble to declare his candidacy if he has political ambition to become a President.

Mogadishu (PP News Desk) — Senator Muuse Suudi, one of the critics of the incumbent Somalia President, has accused Somalia Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble of incompetence. “His duty is to implement the electoral model, but he has failed to do it. It is clear now that he has political ambition due to his recent visit to a foreign country. If he wants to run for the Somalia Presidency he has to declare his candidacy” said Senator Suudi.

The Senator praised Hirshabelle State for conducting the selection of Senators impartially. “I am glad that Hirshabelle Parliament conducted the selection fairly. I admire Hirshabelle President’s achievements. His successes and failures affect me” added Senator Suudi.

An uphill task: Roble, the Somalia Prime Minister, aims to revise the electoral model.

His comments could put more pressure on Roble, who is mulling his options to run for Somalia Presidency. Roble is reportedly pushing a proposal to renegotiate the electoral model, a demand made by the Union of Presidential Candidates. The Prime Minister’s Office has not responded to the accusations of incompetence made by an outspoken critic of the Somali Federal Government. “

Allah decided who will become a President. We must expedite elections” said Senator Suudi, who apparently opposes the power-grab by Roble who claimes that he is “the Head of the State” and refers to President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed as the “immediate former President”.

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