Stakeholders to “address” Irregularities in the Somali Electoral Process

Roble (fourth from left) with members of the National Consultative Council.

Mogadishu (PP News Desk) — If the planned summit for the National Consultative Council takes place in Mogadishu issues that Federal Member States will have to thrash out include what the US Embassy in Mogadishu termed “observed shortcomings”.

Leaders of the Federal Member States and the Union of Presidential Candidates may not agree on what constitutes “shortcomings”. The articles in the electoral agreement give Federal Member States powers to conduct selection of MPs. They have managed to persuade the Federal Government of Somalia to cede more powers to the parliaments of the Federal Member States to select Senators. This decision was the seed of the “observed shortcomings” alluded to by Somalia’s International Partners when they have called for credible elections.

Colonel Gayla, a clan militia leader in Mogadishu, has asked for Roble, the PM, to give militias the green light to attack Villa Somalia.

Critics of the Federal Government of Somalia argue that Villa Somalia influences Galmudug, Hirshabelle and South West State. They regard Puntland and Jubaland as less susceptible to alleged political pressures from the Somalia Presidency. Such accusation could unite Federal Member States against the Union of Presidential Candidates who enjoys the nominal stakeholder role in the electoral process. As one Presidential Candidate recently said “the electoral process is due for revision”. This seems unlikely given the timescale of elections and the selection process of the remaining MPs.

Overlapping powers of the Prime Minister of Somalia and Federal Electoral Implementation Team complicate the electoral process. “It is in the national interest of Somalia to end the political rift to conduct credible elections. Mogadishu is teetering on the brink of civil war. Troops are divided“ said a political journalist in Mogadishu. A group of organized clan militias has asked Roble to authorize them to evict President of Somalia from Villa Somalia.

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