Somalia Security Minister Demands Report on Sheikh Mukhtar Robow

The Security Minister Mr Nur (left) instructed NISA acting director to submit a report on the well-being and safety of Sheikh Mukhtar Robow (right).

Mogadishu (PP News Desk) — The Somalia Minister for Security Abdullahi Mohamed Nur had written to the acting Director of National Intelligence and Security Agency Colonel Yasin Farey. Mr Nur instructed Colonel Farey to submit a report on the continued detention of Sheikh Mukhtar Robow, a former senior Al-shabaab leader who defected to the Federal Government four years ago.

“We have received correspondence from relatives and political representatives of Robow. They are worried about his well-being and safety. They demand justice to end his detention” wrote the Minister.

Robow was disqualified from running for South West State Presidency on grounds of past membership of the proscribed militant group, Al-shabaab. He was detained after the government accused him of violating the terms of defection. The Security Minister expects to receive the NISA report within 2 days.

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