US Embassy in Somalia Calls for an “Immediate End to Hostilities in Boosaaso”

Constitutionalism: President Deni aims to end the extrajudicial status of PSF.

Boosaaso (PP News Desk) — The United States Embassy in Somalia has called on the Puntland State Government and Puntland Security Force’s mutinous commanders to adopt a negotiated, peaceful resolution to the stand-off that led to clashes In Bosaaso today. Puntland State troops and Puntland Security Force clashed Bosaaso city centre, bringing the harbour into a standstill. Stray billets claimed lives of at least three civilians.

For the last three weeks there has been a stand-off between PSF soldiers and Puntland State troops following the decree in which President Deni replaced the former PSF Commander Brigadier General Mohamud Osman Abdullahi, who is a brother of the former PSF Commander and a Mideeye_ Political Association grandee Asad Osman Abdullahi.  Commander Mohamud rejected the replacement under the pretext that PSF is independent of Puntland State government and its constitution.

PSF can no longer remain a US-funded parallel counterterrorism outfit in Puntland State of Somalia.

Founded twenty years ago as an extrajudicial, counterterrorism outfit funded by the United States, the PSF defied organizational reforms proposed by Puntland State President Said Abdulahi Deni as a part of a comprehensive security reform. In 2009 the founding commander of PSF (then Puntland Intelligence Service) Abdullahi Osman Diyaano, the late father of the last two PSF Commanders, fell out with the fourth President of Puntland State Abdirahman Mohamud Farole over the direct of control of the PIS by its funders.

Puntland Military Court backed the decision to replace the PSF Commander and warned against disobedience. Traditional leaders led by Boqor Burhan have recommended an unenforceable ruling that grants the sacked PSF Commander the right to keep property, materiel and remuneration, a suggestion that Puntland State Government had rejected outright.

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