Puntland President Warns Against ‘Opposition Miscalculation’

President Deni opposes the national council inopportunely proposed by the Union of Somali Presidential Candidates.

Baidoa (PP News Desk) — President of Puntland State of Somalia Said Abdullahi Deni had cautioned against what he described as a unilateral decision being mooted to form a national council for Somali Presidential Candidates. Deni made remarks at the ceremony marking the third anniversary of the election of Abdiaziz Hassan Mohamed as the President of South West administration and held in Baidoa.

“People who suggest that [national political] councils be formed to bypass the current political arrangement are keen on returning Somalia to Arta tents” said President in reference to the Djibouti-sponsored Somali reconciliation conference held in Arta city twenty one years ago.

President Deni has fallen out with the Union of the Somali Presidential Candidates following the latter’s call for a national consultative council to address electoral issues. The Union of Presidential Candidates raised questions about the electoral outcomes at several Federal Member State they consider to be allies of the incumbent Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed.

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