The Congress for Somali Cause Joins Ethiopian Federalist Forces

Mustafa Omer, the President of the Somali region of Ethiopia supports Amhara supremacy and genocidal war against Tigray, according to the CSC.

Addis Ababa (PP News Desk) The civil war in Ethiopia prompted a group of Somalis in Ethiopia to strategize on the responses to the conflict that the incumbent Ethiopian government is waging against Tigray to reimpose a unitarist system based on supremacy of one ethnicity.

The CSC issued a statement on 29th of November, the sixty-seventh anniversary of the date Britain ceded Somali territories to Ethiopia and violated the Protectorate Agreement the British Empire signed with Somali clans during the last two decades of the nineteenth century.

The CSC expressed dismay over the current leadership of the Somali region of Ethiopia for sacrificing “the welfare and the public safety of Somalis to preserve an administration that lost credibility at local, national, and global levels.”

The regime of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed adopted a divisive, unitary ideology to revive Amhara supremacy to subjugate other nationalities that benefited from the Ethiopian federal system based on diversity and plurality, the cause of the phenomenonal economic growth experienced by the Horn of Africa country before the Nobel Prize winning Prime Minister had begun to wage a genocidal war against Tigray.

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