Puntland State Trains 700 Police Officers

Qardho (PP News Desk) — As a part of an intensive security reform Puntland State President Said Abdullahi Deni today witnessed the graduation of seven hundred police officers who underwent a thorough training in policing at a training facility in Qardho.

The newly trained batch of officers consists of men and women, secondary school leavers and graduates from the nine regions of Puntland, an indication that Puntland State government puts premium on a new approach to policing. President Deni said that his government had honoured the election promise to address security problems.

President Deni commended newly trained police officers for their knowledge of the due process when a suspected gets arrested.

“When my government took over, the security situation in some districts was so dire to the point that people had to flee districts. Young miscreants would rob people of mobile phones; rapists killed their victims and escaped justice. That deplorable situation no longer obtains in Puntland” said President Deni. President Deni thanked the Puntland security reform committee for bringing the security plan into fruition.

President Deni said that the remarkable improvement of the security situation in Galkayo reflected the success of the security reform in Puntland.

“The two main duties of a government are to keep law and order and to provide public goods such as social services. The newly trained officers have demonstrated their knowledge of the due process when a suspect is taken into custody. We have diverted resources to efficiently addressing the security problems that plagued Puntland” said President Deni.

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