Leaked Somaliland Administration Documents Reveal ‘Electoral Misconduct’

President Silanyo (right) handing over the presidency to President Bihi in November 2017.

Hargeisa (PP News Desk) — The government of Somaliland administration is facing accusations for electoral misconduct following the documents leaked to the main opposition party, Waddani, and widely shared on the social media networks. All documents pertain to official correspondence from Office of the President between 2014 and 2017.

The five letters to the Finance Ministry were signed by the former Somaliland Administration President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo. In a 2014 letter to Telesom Director, President Silanyo expressed interest to borrow money from the telecommunications company “to improve the national infrastructure”.

Two letters sent to the Finance Ministry two days before the inauguration of President Muse Bihi Abdi reveal , among other things, expenses the Presidency claims to have incurred during election campaign for Kulmiye party. In one of the letters President Silanyo instructed the Finance Ministry to settle debt owed to Telesom through the inclusion in the 2018 budget allocations for the telecommunications company. The second letter contains a similar instruction to pay bills sent by hospitality companies whose premises the government and its political party used during the electoral campaign.

In a letter dated 10/11/2017, President Silanyo instructed the Finance Ministry to pay debt owed by the government to Asli Maydi, a company that exports frankincense. The debt, President Silanyo claimed, was used during the voter registration exercise. President Silanyo authorised payment of US$ 180,000 for political purposes in a 17 October 2017 letter.

It is not clear whether political funds was meant for the three parties. “The leaked letters show the extent to which Somaliland government is beholden to businesses” said Adan Jama, a member of Hargeisa civil society.

In 2018 Waddani Chairman Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi accused Somaliland government of illegally using public resources for electoral purposes.

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