Somalia Objects to Hybrid AU Stabilisation Plan

Mogadishu (PP News Desk) — The Federal Government of Somalia has accused the African Union Commission of pushing a hybrid stabilisation plan that deepens Somalia’s dependency on AMISOM.

In a press statement the Federal Government found fault with the proposal from the African Union Commission, which puts interests of troop-contributing countries above Somalia’s stabilisation imperatives. The Peace and Security Council of the African Union unilaterally published a communique proposing “a hybrid mission” as an option after 2021.

Some AU member countries have an economic ax to grind about the hybrid mission the Peace and Security Council had proposed.

“There has been a clash of priorities resulting from the long-term development of a national force to take over from AMISOM, and the national interests of some donor countries that oppose the establishment of an effective Somali National Army” said Ali Ma’alim, a researcher in Mogadishu.

The communique of the Federal Government will pile more pressure on the African Union Peace and Security Council, which is made up of several countries that financially benefit from deploying their troops as a part of peacekeeping mission in Somalia.

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