Puntland Elders Reject Tree Cutting as a Sand Dunes Stabilisation Strategy

Garowe (PP News Desk) — Elders of Godobjiraan district in Nugaal have objected to a plan to cut more than 8000 trees to stabilise sand dunes threatening to overwhelm the district.

Godobjiraan elders call for more trees to be planted to stabilise sand dunes.

“The Puntland Environment Ministry in conjunction with an NGO pledged to stabilise the sand dunes encroaching on our district. After an assessment they said the sand dunes would have to be fenced off with wood and that 8000 trees would have to be cut. We must plant more trees instead of cutting trees” said an elder in Godobjiraan.

Shalambood sand dunes stabilisation campaign was a remarkable success.

“Wooden sand fences work but planting vegetation is more effective and backed by research” said an environmentalist in Garowe. “During 1970s Somalia carried out sand dune stabilisation campaigns. Godobjiraan elders know that cutting trees will not mitigate sand dunes. It will exacerbate it” added the environmentalist.

Puntland State government is seeking assistance from donors to stabilise sand dunes and desertification affecting several districts.

A video clip featuring the sand dunes stabilisation campaign and a theme song “I am planting trees to fight Shalambood sand dunes”.

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