Berbera Port Porters’ Association Accuses DP World of Contract Breach

Berbera (PP News Desk) — Berbera Port Porters’ Association today accused DP World of breaching a contract with porters.

“We lodge a complaint about breach of 2017 contract by DP World. The breach of contract dates back to March 2021 when DP World illegally appropriated porters’ earnings and laid off porters” said a spokesman of Berbera Port Porters’ Association.

Fleeced: Berbera Port Porters’ Association members accuse DP World of illegally appropriating porters’ earnings

The spokesman criticised Somaliland administration’s Minister for Financial Development Dr Sa’ad Ali Shire for failing to look into the Association’s complaint. “He made promises that he would refer our case to the presidency, but the problem remains unresolved” added the spokesman.

Berbera Port Porters’ Association has taken issue with the policy that transferred management of porters’ wages to DP World. “The agreement to run Berbera Port did not involve usurping porters’ payroll management, which is the preserve of Porters’ Association” said the spokesman.

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