Odinga Pledges to Resume Khat Exports to Somalia If Elected President

Nairobi (PP News Desk) — The Kenyan presidential candidate Raila Odinga made resumption of Khat exports to Somalia one of his campaign themes.

In a speech to Kenya’s khat farmers Odinga said his administration would put a lot of effort into reviving the khat industry affected by moratorium on khat exports to Somalia.

Odinga makes khat exports to Somalia a key election campaign amongst farming constituencies.

The Federal Government of Somalia indefinitely suspended khat imports following diplomatic disagreements with Kenya over Jubaland State after Nairobi violated aviation embargo on Kismayo in 2019.

Somali traders import khat to the tune of more than $ 100, 000,000. Odinga’s pledge will face hurdles if relations between Somalia and Kenya remains frosty after he realises his dream to be elected President of Kenya.

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