Arbitrary Displacement By Somaliland Stoked by Anti-Rahanweyn Sentiments in Erigavo

Erigavo (PP News Desk) — in 2018 a group of people in Erigavo took to the streets to call for the “deportation of Somalis from Southern Somalia.”

“We are complaining about RRA [(Rahanweyn Resistance Army)], who are trading at prime spots in the town” said one demonstrator. “We ask for [the Somaliland government ] to kick these people out of the town. They attacked us” said another demonstrator, who likened the presence of Rahanweyn traders to an attack on Erigavo.

in 2018 demonstrators called for the arbitrary displacement of ‘RRA’ traders in Erigavo.

The arbitrary displacement of six hundred Somali citizens in Lasanod is motivated by Somaliland government policy that views Somalis from the South as foreigners who have no residential rights in the ex-British Somaliland despite the legal basis for the territorial and political unity of Somalia.

Meanwhile, the former Speaker of the Somali Federal Parliament Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari called on Somaliland Parliamentary Speaker to table a motion for discussion on the arbitrary displacement of Somali citizens in Lasanod.

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