Somali Federal MP Denounces Deportation of Somali Citizens in Lasanod

Anab Elmi denounced the deportation of Somali citizens in Lasanod.

Mogadishu (PP News Desk) — Anab Hassan Elmi, a Somali Federal MP from Lasanod denounced the deportation of more than 600 citizens from Lasanod following a decision by Somaliland government.

“Lasanod residents have a duty to protect their fellow citizens against deportation. I denounce the deportation of Somalis trading, working and living peacefully in Lasanod. Citizens in Lasanod must protect wealth left behind by people who were deported from Lasanod for political reasons” said Anab in Mogadishu.

Yesterday, Somaliland militias in Lasanod rounded up traders, labourers and teachers from South West State of Somalia and deported them. Militias robbed many small business owners of their belongings before taking them to Burtinle district in Puntland State, where they were welcomed by locals.

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