A Letter to the British Ambassador to Somalia Kate Foster

South West State community members in Lasanod wrote to Kate Foster, the British Ambassador to Somalia, about the deportation of Somali Digil and Mirifle teachers, traders and labourers from Lasanod to Garowe.

We the undersigned (we have used initials to avoid being tracked by Somaliland authorities in Sool), are Somali citizens and members of the South West State community in Lasanod. We are appalled at the deportation of business owners, labourers and teachers from Lasanod to Garowe on the order of the Somaliland Government.

In the course of deporting innocent citizens from one part of their country to another, Somaliland authorities in Lasanod robbed people of their belongings and tortured some of them who resisted the deportation. Britain is one of major donor countries that fund development and security in Somaliland-controlled parts of Northern Somalia.

We would like to bring to your attention the misuse of tax payers’ money to attempt to deprive Somali citizens of their citizenship by deporting them from a part of their homeland to another part. Somalia is a sovereign nation with a government recognised by the United Nations and the United Kingdom, among other countries. Britain is a country that pioneered the new approach to building institutions that culminated in the formation in 2012 of the first permanent Somali government since 1991.

We believe that Britain, as the former ruler of what was ex-British Somaliland, has the influence to urge Somaliland administration to desist from deportations, and return assets to owners whom Lasanod district administration had deported at the behest of Somaliland government in Hargeisa. We believe that British government’s policy towards Somalia is based on respect for the political and territorial unity of Somalia and the inalienable rights of Somali citizens to live any part of their homeland peacefully.

It is unfortunate that resources provided by Britain is now being used by Somaliland authorities to deny Somali citizens their right to live peacefully in Lasanod.

Signed: A. G., O. I., S. M., H. I., D. A. Lasanod, Sool, Federal Republic of Somalia.