Mideeye Accuses Kaah of Breaching Puntland Electoral Guidelines

Garowe (PP News Desk) — Mideeye, one of the registered political associations in Puntland yesterday accused Kaah, the ruling political association by default, of breaching electoral guidelines.

Mideeye issued a statement sternly criticising Kaah officials for “claiming the incumbent government’s achievements as the track record of Kaah, and threatening beneficiaries of support scheme for the poor with loss of food cards if they fail to vote for Kaah during the upcoming pilot local elections”.

Will Glued Salah, TPEC Chairman, order investigation into allegations about intimidating potential voters by Qardho-allied political associations?

Subarticle C of Article 3 of Guidelines for Financial Management stipulates a thorough investigation by the Transitional Puntland Electoral Commission into any alleged misuse of public resources.

Meanwhile, Horseed, a political association headed by Abdirahman Farole, the former Puntland State President, has added its voice to calls for adherence to the electoral guidelines to stop tactics by some political associations whose employees “intimidate potential voters”.

Horseed attended a meeting held in Qardho on electoral ethics to which all political associations are expected to uphold. In a statement, Horseed alleged that a representative from Kaah argued that only three political associations led by Qardho-allied leaders would contest local government seats of the district.

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