Return of Former Ahlu Sunna Leaders “Does not Portend” Conflict in Galmudug

Sheikh Shakir is so far keeping a low profile in Galmudug.

Galkayo (PP News Desk) — The former leaders of Ahlu Sunna paramilitaries Sheikh Shakir and Mo’allim Mohamud retuned to Galmudug state last week to attend religious commemorations in Huurshe village.

In March 2020, the Somali Federal Government forces captured several Ahlu Sunna strongholds including Dhuusomareeb, forcing the two leaders to capitulate to the government forces and disband their militias. Sheikh Shakir and Sheikh Mohamud agreed to not engage in politics during their stay in Galmudug.

Sheikh Mohamud oversaw the disbanding of Ahlu Sunna militias following the group’s defeat at the hands of the Somali Federal Government forces in 2020.

BBC Somali Service reported that the two Sheikhs had a plan to visit South Galkayo. Galmudug forces are fighting Al-shabaab militias in parts of Galmudug.

“Sheikh Shakir and Sheikh Mohamud vowed not to organise militias or resort to any incendiary remarks against Galmudug or the Federal Government of Somalia” said Ali Mohamud, a journalist based in Mogadishu.

“Ahlu Sunna loyalists cannot wage a war against a Federal Member State. The return of the former Ahlu Sunna leaders does not portend a conflict in Galmudug” Mohamud added.

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