Sweden Urges Somali Prime Minister to Compromise with Somalia President

Prime Minister Roble holds a Swedish citizenship

Stockholm (PP News Desk) — As the political deadlock in Somalia gets more complicated, Per Olsson Fridh, the Swedish Minister for International Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs, has urged Prime Minister of Somalia Mohamed Hussein Roble to seek peaceful solution to his disagreements with President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed.

“Focus on advancing the elections must be maintained” tweeted Mr Fridh.

Today, President Mohamed limited executive powers of Roble on grounds that the Prime Minister took hasty decisions to restrict, among other things, army salaries.

Roble, a Swedish citizen, broke with Prime Ministerial decorum when he had instructed the Finance Minister Dr Abdirahman Baileh not to authorise any army salaries without the imprimatur of the Prime Minister’s Office.

“I think Sweden is worried that Roble might organise clan militias to spark a civil war in the capital” a political analyst told Puntland Post.

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