Former Somalia President Raises Concerns About “Electoral Bias” Towards His Successor

Mogadishu (PP News Desk) — The former Somalia President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed had privately voiced concerns about the electoral bias towards his successor President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, whose ally Abdullahi Mohamed Nur has been controversially appointed as the Minister for Internal Security. Nur was a State Minister for Finance under the government of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

A senior advisor for Sharif Sheikh earlier today told Puntland Post that “the former President is looking into releasing a statement on the partiality of Mohamed Hussein Roble”, the Somali Prime Minister.

Former President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud (left) with Roble, the Prime Minister (middle) and Former President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed in Mogadishu in July 2021.

On Thursday, Sharif urged the Prime Minister to concentrate on preparing Somalia for indirect elections in line with the agreed timelines. President of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed and the Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Mursal described Roble’s appointments as a violation of the caretaker government’s duties ahead of presidential elections slated to take place in eight weeks’ time.

“Why did we oppose President Mohamed’s term extension of we are expected to be indifferent to what we view as bias to a former President who is plotting a comeback through the Prime Minister’s office? Roble has dropped the ball. His position is gradually becoming untenable” the senior adviser added.

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