Somali Civil Society Organisations Decry Electoral Guidelines

Mogadishu (PP News Desk) — The Somali civil society organisations have sternly criticised the new electoral guidelines that federal member states agreed as a basis for the indirect elections.

“The new guidelines violate the rights of the citizens to contest parliamentary seats. It is clear that disagreements on the electoral model remain” reads a statement issued in Mogadishu by the Somali civil society organisations.

Civil society organisations in Mogadishu view the new electoral guidelines as a power grab by federal member states.

The Prime Minister of Somalia Mohammed Hussein Roble and leaders of Federal Member States signed last week new electoral guidelines that grant the signatories powers to influence selection of traditional leaders who will elect MPs.

“We believe the new electoral guidelines issued by the National Consultative Council rescind the role of civil society in overseeing selection process and ensuring transparency.”

The Council of Presidential Candidates has equally put a damper on the new electoral guidelines, which they view as a threat to the national political stability.

Puntland Post, 2021