A Nigerian Church Denies “Missionary Activities” in Somalia

Joy Isa might resign as the President of Barwaaqo University following a tweet that characterised her role as “missionary”.

Hargeisa (PP News Desk) — A Lagos-based Church has apologised for a tweet that portrayed the visit of one of its senior pastors in Somaliland as “missionary”.

“We apologize for the July 18 tweet that misstated the purpose of Mrs Joy Isa going to Somaliland. That was our error and not from Mrs Isa herself. Mrs Isa has never been an employee of the Church, and is not acting on our behalf in this appointment” tweeted the Elevation.

The Church’s apology comes in the wake of a tweet that stated that “Pastor Joy is going on a missionary work in Somalialand”. Joy is the President of Barwaaqo University in Hargeisa.

Somaliland authorities yesterday arrested Abdulmalik Oldon, a journalist, for criticising the “missionary activities under the cloak of higher education.”

Joy reportedly left Hargeisa today amid the public relations disaster. Oldon said that Joy was a pastor that could be engaged in proselytising students who are not aware of her affiliation with the Elevation Church.

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