Diplomatic Faux Pas Overshadows Somali Prime Minister’s Visit to Kenya

President Kenyatta and Prime Minister Roble exchanging gifts at Mombasa State House

Mogadishu (PP News Desk) — Kenya’s State House social media managers have moved quickly to limit diplomatic damages caused by President Uhuru Kenyatta’s call for called for an amicable solution to for the maritime dispute between the two countries.

The statement that Kenya State House social media managers amended to delete any reference to the maritime dispute.

Kenya State House Facebook page made changes to the press release and deleted any reference to the maritime dispute.

The amended statement seeks to limit the impact of diplomatic faux pas.

“There are some sensitive and recurrent issues between the two countries including the maritime dispute whose outcome we are waiting from the International Court. We must move on from this issue to discuss our trade and progress” said Roble.

At Mogadishu International Airport before departure for Kenya, the Foreign Minister of Somalia Mohamed Abdirizak told media representatives that bilateral talks would not pertain to the maritime dispute.

Roble’s remarks at the Kenya State House in Mombasa.

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