Statement from the Federal Government “Assures Villa Somalia”

Mogadishu ( PP News Desk) — The Press Statement from the Somali Federal Government has sent the message that incumbent Federal Government’s talks with Kenya Government is confined to exploring ways to improve relations between the countries, says a Mogadishu-based political analyst.

On Saturday, Villa Somalia moved to fend off accusations that Somalia was signing secret agreements with Kenya. Villa Somalia  Statement stressed that the role of the incumbent government was to ensure continuity of services, and that it had no a mandate to enter into agreements with foreign countries until the Presidential Elections take place in October.

The Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs of Kenya, H.E. Ms. Raychelle Omamo with Somalia Foreign Minister Mohamed Abdirizak in Mogadishu yesterday.

The joint statement signed by the Somalia Foreign Minister Mohamed Abdirizak and the Kenya Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs Raychelle Omamo emphasises “a framework through which the two counties will undertake comprehensive discussions” under a Joint Commission for Cooperation.
Raychelle Omamo held a meeting with the Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed at Villa Somalia.

“Both President Mohamed and Prime Minister Roble share a common view on normalizing relations with Kenya without making the government susceptible to accusations for selling out at a time Somalia is heading for elections” said Mohamud Ali, a political journalist in Garowe.

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