TPEC Withdraws Ufayn’s Voter Registration Results

Garowe (PP News Desk) — Chairman of Transitional Puntland Electoral Commission Guled Salah said that, after careful assessment, TPEC had taken complaints from Ufayn notables into account and had withdrawn voter registration results of the district.

Guled: “TPEC will send details of potential voters who registered under assumed identities to Puntland Attorney General’s Office.”

“Irregularities in the voter registration process have come light. Some potential voters have registered twice using same personal details, others have assumed multiple identities to register at different venues in Ufayn, whereas 380 voters have registered at Ufayn and Qardho or Eyl under different names. We shall submit the names of the 380 voters to the Office of Puntland Attorney General” said Guled.

TPEC Chairman said that one of the TPEC computers had malfunctioned. “Engineers are fixing it. We shall publish voter registration details in the computer after engineers have fixed it” added Guled.

Last month, Ufayn district stakeholders threatened to withdraw from taking part in the pilot local elections if TPEC “fails to revise the fraudulent voter registration results” that substantially reduced the number of eligible voters in Ufayn.

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