An Ethiopian Philosopher Faults Abiy Ahmed for “Inflexibility”

Addis Ababa (PP News Desk) — Dr Messay Kebede, a professor of philosophy at the University of Dayton, had sounded alarm bells over the leadership of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed whom he had criticised for being “inflexible”.

“It cannot be assumed that Ethiopia will not win” given the myriad challenges it faces, Professor Kebede told the Washington-based Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT). He pointed out that the dispute over the millennium dam and the conflict in Tigray constitute two formidable challenges that bear on other geopolitical realities in the Horn of Africa.

Professor Kebede sees Abiy’s inflexibility as a major leadership handicap.

While Professor Kebede views compromise for Sudan and Egypt over the Nice water as necessary, he doubts the rationale for making peace with Tigray People’s Liberation Front (now Tigray Defence Forces). “TPLF acted unlawfully because it refused to postpone the [regional] election” said Professor Kebede.

“It is discouraging to see our eminent philosopher condoning Eritrean troops on Ethiopian soil, the persecution of Tigrayans by Amhara extremist and supremacist outfit, FANO” said an Oromo political activist in Addis Ababa.

Professor Kebede said that Abiy Ahmed had refused to join the West’s fight against Chinese influence in Africa and that he is paying a price for not living up to the West’s expectations. “It is a racist attitude” added Professor Kebede.

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