Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Takes a Leaf from Derg’s Book

Addis Ababa (PP News Desk) — It was a sense of déjà vu when Girma, not his real name, this morning saw crowds of people chanting anti-American slogans. “It brought back memories of nineteen seventies when I , as a child, used to chant ‘Yankee, go home’” Girma, an Amhara activist who opposes the extremist and expansionist FANO, told Puntland Post stringer.

Demonstrators were chanting anti-American slogans today in Addis Ababa despite Abiy Ahmed’s neoliberal credentials.

A mammoth rally to demonise Tigray people has taken place in Addis Ababa today. Organised by the Ethiopian government, the rally is aimed to ratchet up demonisation and harassment campaign against Tigrayans in Addis Ababa. In this bizarre campaign against Tigray, the Orthodox Tewahedo Church is the torchbearer. In Gondar and Gojjam Amhara priests blessed bloodthirsty militias who were calling for the extermination of Tigrayans.

“Amhara priests are doing what Catholic priests were doing to bless fascist invaders who wanted to subjugate Ethiopia more than eighty years ago” said Assefa , an Ethiopian political activist. “The irrationality of Ethiopian government functionaries reached a point of absurdity when one politician close to Abiy’s Prosperity Pary described vaccines from USA as poison from CIA” added Assefa.

Radicals: An anti-American demonstration in Addis Ababa more than four decades ago.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s admiration for Mengistu Haile Mariam, the former Marxist leader of Ethiopia now in exile in Zimbambe, comes in several forms, according to a political analyst who prefers to be quoted anonymously: commitment to centralisation and assimilationist policies of governments before 1991, and desire to exploit superpower rivalry.

“The former USSR cut Mengistu loose when they realised he was using them to prolong his reign of terror” said the political analyst.

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