A Prominent Sheikh Criticises Somaliland President for Widespread Unemployment

Hargeisa (PP News Desk) — Sheikh Adan Siiro, a prominent Sheikh in Hargeisa, yesterday used a part of the Eid sermon to take Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi to task for unemployment and depreciation of the Somaliland shilling reflected “in the inability of government employees to make ends meet with their salaries.”

Sheikh Adan Siiro:”People have voted for a change.”

“There are two classes of people in Hargeisa: a very rich class and a poor class. Not long ago such extreme income disparity did not exist” said Sheikh Adan Siiro.

“As a result of [political] isolation Somaliland is experiencing high unemployment. Some people hoard dollars while others are not able to pay their children’s school fees. The cleaning campaign initiated in Hargeisa by the new Mayor deserves full support from all people” he added.

Sheikh Adan called for Somaliland President not interfere in the process to elect the Speaker of Somaliland Parliament.

“People voted for a change. That is why Barkhad Batuuni, who belongs to a minority community, has won a parliamentary seat” said Sheikh Adan Siiro.

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