Somali Region of Ethiopia Rejects Mobilisation Against Tigray

Jigjiga (PP News Desk) — Mustafa Omar, the President of the Somali region of Ethiopia, earlier this week held a meeting with Liyu Police commanders to persuade them to join a new campaign against Tigray.

Mustafa Omar faces criticism for trying to mobilise the Liyu police to fight for Amhara chauvinists and supremacists

Omar reportedly failed to explain what Somalis had to do with “Amhara genocidal war against Tigrayans.”

“Regional forces have no mandate to take part in a civil war. Abiy Ahmed wants to portray the unjust war against Tigray as a war in which all other Ethiopian ethnicities band together against Tigrayans” said a person, who attended one of the meetings Mustafe Omar held with political and security stakeholders of the Somali region of Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian government has mobilised multi-ethnic militias in violation of the ceasefire in Tigray under the pretext “that TPLF is recruiting child soldiers.”

The rejection of the mobilisation campaign will dent Mustafe’s authority, said a political analyst in Addis Ababa.

Mustafa (right, seated) with Amhara supremacists with the pre-1991 Ethiopian flag in the background

“After an intense pressure campaign on Mustafa & the Liyu Police by Abiy & his Amhara allies; the response is a resounding REJECTION! LP force rank & file & the wider Somali public made clear they got no business dying outside Somali soil, especlly for an Amhara genocidal crusade!” tweeted Mohamed Olad.

“We do not want to be involved in demonisation and bloodthirsty campaigns of Amhara chauvinists against people of Tigray” a Somali elder in Jigjiga said.

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