Poachers in Puntland Kill 30 Dik-diks at Burtinle Countryside

Garowe (PP News Desk)  — Puntland security forces in Burtinle have detained several men driving a lorry carrying 30 dead dik-diks. The men stand accused of killing dik-diks for illegal trade.

“We brought this problem to the attention of authorities several years ago. Poachers are killing wild animals that make our countryside a place visited by people every year” said a former member of Burtinle district council.

Poachers were transporting dead dik-diks for sale in Puntland cities.

Nugaal Police have arrested poachers who were on the way to Garowe to sell dead dik-diks to potential customers. “Poaching, deforestation and illegal enclosures in the countryside are major problems we have been grappling with for a long time. We ask the Puntland government to enact laws against those illegal activities” said one elder.

Nugaal Police promised  to be tough with poachers and that lorries will be searched thoroughly at checkpoints. Some people buy dik-dik meat to treat children for whooping-cough.

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