Puntland Executes 21 Al-Shabaab Ringleaders

Garowe (PP News Desk) — Twenty one Al-shabaab ringleaders have today been executed by a firing squad after Puntland Martial Court upheld death sentences.

The former Al-shabaab senior members were executed in Galka’yo, Garowe and Qardho. Mohamed Ali Awke (Jerry), senior Al-shabaab officer in charge of recruitment and overseeing a reign of terror in North Galkayo, was one of the convicts who had been executed today. His associate, Faysal Ahmed Bashir, who gave an in-depth interview on his recruitment into the terrorist organisation, was also executed in Galka’yo, the city the bore the brunt of terror activities by Al-shabaab cells.

Puntland Martial Court has sentenced Al-shabaab ringleaders to death by a firing squad.

Puntland Security forces managed to beef up counter-terrorism operations following a spate of targetted assassinations that forced many people to flee North Galkayo. Al-shabaab started its recruitment drive in North Galkayo in 2007.

“It retired the first batch of assassins and assistant assassins to recruit younger and impressionable members” Faysal told an interviewer last month.

Security analysts credit reforms by incumbent Puntland Government with effective counterterrorism strategy to respond to the threat of Al-Shabaab cells in major Puntland cities.

Somali Memo, a pro-Al-Shabaab website, reported that Puntland had “executed civilian prisoners.”

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