Garowe (PP News Desk)  —  President of Puntland State of Somalia Said Abdullahi Deni yesterday issued a decree to enforce the mandatory use if Somali language for government communication, conference themes and signage.  “Puntland State Constitution stipulates preservation of the Somali language” reads the letter from Puntland Presidency.

Puntland Government has devised strategies to promote literacy through effective use of the Somali language for  public services and the private sector.   There has been an increase in the number of shop signs in English and Arabic languages at the expense of the Somali language in Puntland.

President received plaudits for promoting mandatory use of the Somali Language for government commutations and business promotions.

Workshops organised by local NGOs in conjunction with foreign NGOs drive up the trend to use less Somali for workshop banners. A Puntland State Government official who spoke to Puntland Post anonymously said that President Deni had become aware of the poor Somali literacy skills of NGO workers and public servants in Puntland who prefer a foreign word to a standard Somali administration terminology for workshop banners.

“We have seen foreign language banners for workshops attended by non-English speaking participants in Puntland. We have doubts about the utility of those workshops” said the official.

Yusuf Shaa’ir, a poet and literary critic, has lauded President Deni for preservation of the Somali language.  

Yusuf Sha’air, a Hargeisa-based Somali poet and literary critic, has commended President Deni for taking bold steps to promote mandatory use of Somali language for government and business communications and business promotions.

“I congratulate Puntland President Said Abdullahi Deni for ensuring that the Somali language remains the official language of government” said Yusuf Shaa’ir.

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