Somali Prime Minister Vows Impartiality in Elections

Mogadishu (PP News Desk) — Somalia Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble yesterday said that he would act impartially during elections.

“I make it clear that I do not have any agenda. I will not favour any Presidential Candidate over another. I will side neither with my predecessor Hassan Ali Kheire nor with the incumbent President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed” said Roble.

Roble: “I will act impartially.”

Roble has appointed new members for the national electoral commission following complains about members who have been accused to be related to senior government officials and MPs.

Roble managed to break the electoral deadlock following an agreement with Federal Member States.

Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed transferred election preparation powers to Roble nearly two months ago after the Parliament ended the controversy to extend the government’s mandate by two years.

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