Puntland President Predicts Tougher Local Election Competition

Qardho (PP News Desk) — Puntland State President Said Abdullahi Deni today launched the electoral campaign of Kaah, a political association, in Qardho ahead pilot local elections.

President Deni said that some stakeholders had opposed the democratisation process. “They think they are better off with the traditional political process where citizens do not exercise their right to vote” said President Deni.

President Deni expects Kaan to become a national political party.

Puntland State will conduct pilot local elections at three designated districts. President Deni commended Transitional Puntland Electoral Commission for putting efforts into the preparation and oversight of the electoral process.

“Casting your vote is a democratic right. Ilhan Omar is a Congresswoman because of the democratic institutions in the United States. Her subclan here in Qardho would object to be represented by a woman” said Deni in a lighthearted political joke. “There will be tougher local elections in Puntland but I am confident that Kaah will win” Deni added.

He described the last two and half years as challenging due to such government initiatives as security reform and pay hike for security forces and civil servants. “Some people have opposed security reforms but we persevered” said President Deni.

Ten political associations will contest pilot local elections. Three of them will graduate to political parties. “We aspire to make Kaah a national party in the long run” President Deni said.

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