Disagreements over Selection of Somaliland MPs Overshadow Electoral Talks

Mogadishu (PP News Desk) — Progress on Somalia electoral talks seems to be facing another hurdle following a claim by the Upper House Chairman Abdi Hashi that he had not been consulted on the key points to be included in the communique on an electoral agreement to be signed today by key stakeholders.

Hashi rejected the clause in 17 September electoral agreement that stipulates MPs and Senators from Somaliland will be selected by Hashi and Mahdi Guled, the Deputy Prime Minister.

Somaliland MPs and Senators associated with Hashi have denounced the electoral agreement that had ended months of political uncertainty due to deadlock over the electoral model.

Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble reportedly sought to persuade Hashi to throw his weight behind the soon-to-be signed electoral agreement. Hashi has demanded full privilege to select Somaliland MPs and Senators.

“Mahdi Guled will facilitate the selection process of the remaining MPs and Senators from Somaliland if Hashi keeps sticking to his guns.” said a pro-Union Somaliland political activist in Mogadishu.

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