Puntland Warns Against Communal Pacts With Al-shabaab

Galkayo (PP News Desk) — The Governor of Mudug Abdiladif Musse Nur had denounced the allegiance that some Puntland clans have allegedly pledged to Al-shabaab.

“Some clans are allegedly going to make a pact with Al-shabaab. Let them know that Al-shabaab is like an overturned car. We will assume that those clans are a part and parcel of Al-shabaab and deal with them accordingly” said the Governor of Mudug based at the Northern part of the administratively divided city.

Mudug Governor Abdiladif “has fallen for Al-Shabaab propaganda.”

Locals have accused Mudug Governor of falling for Al-shabaab propaganda. Media outlets of the proscribed group such as Al Andulus radio reported that some North Mudug subclans have “expressed loyalty to Al-shabaab via telephone”.

“Abdiladif is now doing what Al-shabaab did not manage to achieve to be able to claim a large following in North Mudug constituencies. Puntland Government should not authorise Mudug Governor to use citizens as a shield against Al-shabaab” said a trader in Galkayo.

Puntland Interior Minister Mohamed Dhaban’ad is expected to clarify counterterrorism measures in Galkayo.

Puntland Interior Ministry guidelines bar governors from resorting to collective punishment as a part of counter-terrorism measures.

“It is the responsibility of the Interior Minister to make it clear that what Abdiladif said about Puntland subclans violates good governance and social cohesion” said a North Galkayo councillor, who asked for anonymity.

Al-shabaab cells in North Galkayo have carried out a reign of terror since 2007. Last month, a Puntland martial court put several Al-shabaab ringleaders on trial and sentenced them to death.

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