Puntland Temporarily Limits Free Range Zones for Livestock

Garowe (PP News Desk) — Puntland Ministry for Environment, Agriculture and Climate Charge yesterday designated Cado-dheere and Laba-dulley as no-free range zones for fifteen days. The decision will bar nomads from letting their herd graze at the two areas.

Puntland Government cited overgrazing as the main reason for the decision seen by environmentalists as a heightened awareness about impact of growing livestock population in a decreasing vegetation consumed by goats, sheep and camels.

Caddo-dheero Valley (File photo)

The new natural resource management policy will pave the way for preparedness for the dry season when low rainfall forces nomads to migrate in search of pastures for their livestock.

Other plans the Environment Ministry explores include training nomads in how to prepare animal feeds before a drought drastically reduces the availability of pastures.

“At last our nomads are realising that the natural habitat offers limited grazing opportunities that can only me maintained through range management techniques. They now know that owning more livestock means less pasture” said Hassan Mohamud, a former employee of the National Range Agency.

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