Disgruntled Policemen Storm Garowe Central Police Station

Garowe (PP News Desk) — A disgruntled group of policemen has attacked Garowe Central Police Station and managed to forcibly release Mohamed Dahir, the former commander of the Municipality Force, from custody. Mr Dahir was detained after he had refused to hand over responsibility to a new commander.

Garowe authorities have arrested two policemen who “took part in the raid”. The same group of policemen, now armed with a vehicle-mounted browning machine gun, returned to Central Police Station and released the two policemen arrested for collusion with the group who raided the Garowe Central Police Station a few hours ago. Several policemen at the police station were wounded in the attack.

Policemen who stormed the police station reportedly belong to a batch of rookie cops trained in Qardho. Puntland Police Force has not commented on an incident many locals view as a sign that recruitment standards of the police force had deteriorated significantly.

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